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New Site Design

welcome to the new website. So here we are, version eight of chrishathway.co.uk. As many of the websites I’ve been creating of late have put my own site to shame I thought it was time for an update.

Theres a new section of ‘other projects’ which will feature more in-depth details of both website projects and new collections of artworks. I hope you’ll agree that this is an improvement and not just change for changes sake, as ever, comments are welcome.

you may well soon be able to download your very own copy of some of the artwork on this site onto your mobile phone. Oh, come on, I know you’re more excited than that… Well, actually, best not get too excited just yet as the whole things been dragging on for six months already…

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Site Update

welcome to the latest update and re-design of the website. There are some new images in the gallery including some new acrylic paintings. As ever e-mail or feedback is welcome with regard to the new design or anything else.

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