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Janette Louden

creation of a website featuring the artwork and illustration of childrens illustrator Janette Louden in a nineteen fifties style.

Now all finished, online and ready for you to take a look*.

*This site has since been updated and is no longer using the design I created but the artwork there is still super amazing so you should surely still check it out.

New Project – The Red Knob

the-red-knob-logoa new project now added to the ‘projects’ area.

The Red Knob is a concept that aims to provide health information, particularly to young men, in an innovative and accessible way.

Read a little more about the project here.


creation of a website featuring the artwork and illustration of childrens illustrator Janette Louden – janettelouden.com

Under construction at the minute but by all means click here to visit.

New Site Design

welcome to the new website. So here we are, version eight of chrishathway.co.uk. As many of the websites I’ve been creating of late have put my own site to shame I thought it was time for an update.

Theres a new section of ‘other projects’ which will feature more in-depth details of both website projects and new collections of artworks. I hope you’ll agree that this is an improvement and not just change for changes sake, as ever, comments are welcome.


creation and launch of a new website.

Stan Matthews Design is an independent quality manufacturer of made-to-measure fitted furniture, designed specifically to individual customer requirements. With strong focus on design, craftsmanship, service and value they offer the design solution that can bring a unique style to your home.

stanmatthewsdesign.com Website no longer live.

Harder than satan

in the epic struggle between good and evil there can still only be one winner – so don’t be a fashion victim – be harder than satan…

Several updates to the Harder Than Satan website including a number of new shirts and now some more product images too.

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