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i was just looking to book two tickets for the Alexandra Theatre Birmingham, ticket price is fine, then on booking I get a Service Charge of £5.75 x 2 and then a charge of £3.25 for ticket postage or the same amount to collect them at the door. So I’m looking at £15 in charges just to book the two tickets. This is even worse than the Wolverhampton Civic Box Office charges of a couple of years ago, actually as this is split between two people its only about the same, either way its way OTT. I guess I could always get a taxi to into Brum and book them on the door, as it stands at the moment thats probably going to cost about the same.

Tom Russell

great show from songwriter Tom Russell at Birmingham’s Ceol Castle tonight. A really nice, intimate, friendly venue, admittedly located in one of Birmingham’s less attractive areas.

Great show anyway, with fantastic accompaniment on the mandolin by Mikael Martin.

Hes back over in the UK later in the year, check his website for dates.

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