Roadside 14-1-15

not a single post in the whole of 2014? That’s going some isn’t it.

I have been quite busy, too busy most likely. I will upload some of last years bits and pieces over the coming months. Meanwhile…

Number 22 in the apparently increasingly occasional series of roadside photos.

Not a good place to breakdown

Happy New Year anyway, and Happy Birthday for last year too, sorry I missed it…

FRL Print

I offered a prize for a charity auction a couple of months back which then developed into a short print run of the eventual prize artwork. The artwork/print was won for the organiser of the Friends Round London event, in which a bunch of MG owners drive the circumference of London’s outer ring road on a cold midwinters night with their cars rooves down – its really rather fun, honest.

FRL 2013 limited edition print

There are still a couple of the limited run of 50 prints available, and while I can’t imagine anyone who wasn’t there wanting one, if you do then please drop me an email – they are £15 inc p&p and all money goes to the events charity.