Tamworth Record Fair

business opportunity for ailing record shops…

I know a lot of record shops are struggling to compete with the Competition of the internet, are suffering a fall in sales and then further have eBay and bands that selling direct.

So this new idea of starting up a traveling ‘Record Fair’ – And charging people an entrance fee to come in and look at the stock, stock that previously would have been free for all to browse, but that would be costing rent and other overheads if stored in a traditional shop. Then price the stock a good £3/4 over what things would cost in a normal independent ‘actual’ shop, which means if you should sell something, you make a damn good profit, and if not, you’ve still made a few quid from all the browsers… who would normally have walked in, and out, for free. Win win.

On a separate note, I went to a Record Fair in Tamworth today. Some fantastic stock there from the single stallholder in the back room of some pub, but I didn’t think £15 a CD was really a ‘Record Fair’ type price. The stock was v good though. Next one is in July apparently…

When is a Record Fair not a fair Fair?


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  1. What?!
    That’s like charging an entrance fee to a car boot sale.
    When you want something you never find it. And a fee to browse? How about record shops like HMV charging an entrance fee?

  2. I’m not bitter at all.

    Think of all the marvelous things that £2 entrance fee could have got me in the land of pound? Luminous garden gnomes anyone?

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