Roadside 15-05-08

number four in the series of roadside photos, now in fish-eye-o-vision!

Empty country road from the drivers seat.

Some more photos from my first film in my christmas gift fish eye camera

Could almost be the title sequence from Kojack

The alternative to crop circles?, geometric random road stripes.

Subliminal advertising?

View from the breakfast table of the Stagedoor Delicatessen

So far i’ve learned I need to get closer to things and that taking photos is low light it a waste of film.


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Late Supersonic write up…


  1. Cristopher P. Bacon

    An entire camera dedicated to the lenz? Can the lenz be changed to accommodate other lenzes?

    I take it this is an SLR due to your mention of film, 35mm?

    Seems to give some darn good results. By the way don’t eat the dogs in Times Square they suck. You never know what they put in them. Unless you paste a shit load of mustard onto them.


    Its a very basic point and click camera. You can’t swap the lense, which is a shame, buy yeah, the results are pretty good for the cost.

    I’ve learnt with Hot Dogs that they almost always smell better than they taste…

  3. I was going to commend you on the whacking great thumb print on the Manhattan skyline one. That’s all. But a Fish Eye camera? Do they do digi ones?

  4. Any marks are filth on the hotel windows, they only let you open them an eighth of an inch in case a gust of wind carries you out…

    You sure can[see the americanism creeping in?] get a Fish Eye lense for your digital, if you’ve got one of those fancy ones with interchangable lenses, however, its going to cost a bit more than thirty quid…

    Of course, you could always make your own.

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