i found a list today that I’d written a few months ago. It read…

Post stuff
Washing up!!! (Xmas)
Defrost Freezer
Garden – Suburbia
Buy lightbulbs
Police Raid

I think I’ve just figured out what/when it was from. I promise a more linear post next time…


I may never get any work done…


New artwork soon…


  1. Police Raid?

    So that’s what you’ve got in the boot. A big flashlight and a can of pepper spray. Soon you’ll be issued with a Taser.

    (Good for catching rabbits… and cooking them too)

  2. Nope. Just a list of things I really shouldn’t have to be dealing with I think.

    I do have a torch in the boot though, and a fire extinguisher. Also a mystery bag whose contents are long forgotern, Pretty sure there ought to be some Kendal Mint Cake in there but equally pretty sure that there isn’t…

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