Danger: Diabolik!

I saw some screenshots several years ago from the film Danger: Diabolik!, they we’re so fantastic and, well, odd, that I had to track the film down. I picked up a cheap copy in the US a year or so ago – the guy selling it me said he had no idea what the film was but seeing the shots on the back he too now wanted to see it – and while the plot and pacing are indeed pretty rubbish, the cinematography, set design and soundtrack are all top notch.

Danger: Diabolik!

I like the effort Fiat have put into their limited edition Fiat 500 Diabolik. I’ve always wanted a matt black car.


I believe that brandy’s mine…


‘Red Right Hand’ society meeting


  1. This may well be the best way to enjoy the film if you have no-one arround to trade witisisms[?] with.

  2. Good Grief! You’ll be watching CHUD next!

  3. Isn’t that one of those rubbish eighties Zombie movies :mrgreen: ?

    I think maybe I saw the sequel actually, back when you had to rent videos… I always liked Night of the Creeps wherin Tom Atkins gets to say the imortal lines,

    I got good news and bad news, girls. The good news is your dates are here… The bad news is they’re dead.

    Of course you’ll never beat Return of the Living Dead 😯 .
    Is CHUD in the same league or do I have it confused with something else…

  4. I can’t include that last post without mentions of my personal favorites, Trancers and Black Moon Rising either.

    You do know I somehow managed to do my dissertation on the Eighties straight to video thriller as the new ‘B-Movie’ or some such title. I could go on…

    Most of these films are now available on DVD from Poundland. Possibly due to the credit crunch.

  5. Now you talk of awful B movies…. Do you remember on BBC2 a film season introduced by a demon of sorts with a posh voice? (Like a cross between a demon and Noel Coward)

  6. Ah, you mean Dr Terror?

    I was thinking you we’re talking about the Friday night series on BBC 2 in about 1991/92 which opened with Kolchak, then showed a dodgy horror film generally followed by some weirdo animation. Was the staple viewing for one summer I think.

    Love to remember what it was branded as and I think it had some kind of intro too…

  7. Aeon Flux….. Just WOW!

  8. Indeed. This is the only one I can find u-tubed that isn’t someones home made music video.

    Shame about the movie adaptation, ’twas a very ordinary affair.

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