Chocolate Masala Curry?

not sure if this is an attempt to get some free PR [seems to have failed if so as there’s no mention in the local rags] or else a genuine culinary innovation.
the decision(dramatic pause), is yours…

Chocolate Masala Curry?

Oh, and don’t forget to change your clocks one way or the other tonight, hey, theres a 50/50 you’ll get it right so I don’t see why I should help. 

It’ll be nice, and so much safer, to be traveling home in the dark next week!


‘Red Right Hand’ society meeting


Monkey Jazz?


  1. Remember when travelling home in the dark abandoned shopping near graveyards usually means little old lady relieving herself in the bushes…..

  2. You have many, many tales to tell Mister Cripps.

      Graveyard Fact 1. J.R.R. Tolkien’s mum is burried at the end of my street. Ah the B4091, I remember the good old days when we were the A38… Happy times…

    Actually, I just noticed this on that site;

    Over 50’s Club Meet – The Club has about 40 members who meet once a month & get up to all sorts of things. Why not come & join!

    And to think they said the art of the double entendre was dead.

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