i was just looking to book two tickets for the Alexandra Theatre Birmingham, ticket price is fine, then on booking I get a Service Charge of £5.75 x 2 and then a charge of £3.25 for ticket postage or the same amount to collect them at the door. So I’m looking at £15 in charges just to book the two tickets. This is even worse than the Wolverhampton Civic Box Office charges of a couple of years ago, actually as this is split between two people its only about the same, either way its way OTT. I guess I could always get a taxi to into Brum and book them on the door, as it stands at the moment thats probably going to cost about the same.


The Colour Out of Space…


The Colour out of Space redux


  1. Speaking of Taxis, does this ring any bells?

  2. That doesn’t explain the P.Davis effect……

    Just move that to there and move that … ca you put this in there and add this ?

  3. Ah, it seems Mr Chuck Berrys UK Tour has been postponed until March new year. apparently;

    Promoters cited “a lack of lead-in time to prepare the marketing and advertising for what promises to be a great rock’n’roll tour”.

    Hmmm, poor sales then? Could it bee the £10 a ticket booking fee put people off? To be fair I’d not seen it advertised anywhere myself, I think I first saw mention of it on the Live Brum site a few weeks ago, so poor promotion from the promoters it may well be. I do hope he comes to Brum in March though, I’ll be booking my ticket, in fact I might call in when I pass tonight and see what kind of fee the Alex charges on the door.

    Ah, I believe the P.Davis effect is specifically related to the print industry however, wherein it is at least ‘possible’ to move things around in front of the ‘client’ in order to arrive at something theoretically ‘aesthetically pleasing’. Agreed it still leads to less than ideal results, from a designers eye.

    As you might guess I’m involved in just such a debarcle presently wherein design and layout has now been handed over to someone of the print discipline who will return the layout to me wherein I will try to slice it for the web as if it was nineteen ninety f***ing five all over again. ahem.

    As an aside I beleive I’ve spotted a recent pic of you?

    Speaking of the F bomb, I was recently dissapointed to hear that Mr Berry wanted busting out of “This rotten, funky jail” rather than what I had always thought he said…

  4. Webazoot

    Now I have a photo thingy???

  5. Webazoot

    Speaking of photos I now have for a limited time only an amusing one of moi on the elfwood. Please feel free to ridicule the hair…. everyone else does.

  6. Why are the profile photos so small on there? It makes altering them for comic effect nigh impossible,

    …ah, I See, thats why isn’t it.

  7. Oh, and it looks like Chucks not coming to Brum after all. Shame.

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