Its no joke

really, its not a joke…

Christmas Cracker Joke

Does that even make sense? Okay, so this one does…

Christmas Cracker Joke

But most of them seem to have got lost in translation and the final one was clearly over ambitious…

Christmas Cracker Joke

Christmas Cracker Joke

Christmas Cracker Joke

A belated Happy Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at this time of the year, and a brilliant 2010 to one and all.


Roadside 20-12-09


The Big Scary UK Freeze of 2010


  1. Where would we be without bad Chinglish? That’s what you get for manufacturing Christmas in China.

  2. At least the gifts were the kind of thing you’d expect.

    There was a golf ball in the expensive crackers my mum bought – a gold ball?!? Just what you need on christmas day…

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