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Now what…

i found this down behind the TV the other day. Well, it wasn’t quite like this, it was an attempt to repaint my original ‘extra width’ piece from about ten years ago as a larger piece in oils. It all went a bit wrong I thought but it was a large-ish canvas and it seemed a shame to bin it.

So the other week when I found it I did what your not supposed to, dug it out, sanded it off some and repainted over the oils with acrylics. I’m sure this isn’t great for the long term life of the painting and in places the brushwork is far too heavy. However I think it looks a lot better than it did, and its too good to put back down behind the desk/tv. So now what to do with it…

Extra width, 32 x 12 in acrylic, 2010

First time using a graphics tablet

not my normal style or technique of work, but I’d always wanted to try out using a graphics tablet.

I bought a very cheap Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet form Aldi, or maybe Lidl, some time ago. This shirt design gave me the excuse to have a play. I was quite pleased with the results, and it created far less mess over the garden, the carpet and the curtains than chucking paint at a canvas by hand like I normally do tend to. Anyway, have a look…

Design for 3 Counties MG T-Shirt

Three Counties MG* are an MG based car club covering Staffordshire, Worcestshire and Shropshire run by enthusiasts to promote interest in MG cars throughout the Midlands area.

*in 2016 the domain changed, hence the discrepancy in domain names here.

Suicide Hill

suicide hill, 10'x7' ink and gouache, 1999

tThis was a piece done all the way back in 1999, inspired by the early James Ellroy novel of the same name. Well, that and a youth raised on seeing those square 80’s black and whites in every film and TV show.

Oh, and the magic of Facebook has waned a bit for me, if you want to keep up with the continued occasional flow of amusing signage photographs then you’ll need to join me on twitter.

Rare artwork update!


a couple of my older illustrations are currently featured on The Rumpus dot net website. They feature to illustrate a short story titled ‘Exactly Like Liz Phair, Except Older. And With Hypochondria’ by Dan Kennedy.

I told myself she reminded me of Liz Phair, but without the marijuana-steeped tomboy, devil-may-care, laid-back attitude of Liz Phair.

Intrigued? read the complete short story here…

New artwork soon…

Suicide Hill, 10x7 ink and gouache, 1999.


The Red Knob 2.0

very pleased to have had a rather large part, if I do say so myself, in the design and creation of the The Red Knob website, version 2.0.

The Red Knob Website

The Red Knob is a limited company offering Sexual Health Education, Resources and Training, who I’ve been fortunate enough to create several illustrations, a couple of comic strips and the all new, all singing and all dancing website.  

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