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T-shirts to save your soul…

creation of a full on, singing and dancing, online T-shirt store. In the epic struggle between good and evil there can only be one winner – so don’t be a fashion victim – be harder than satan…

Website no longer live.

Building Up Dads

creation of a series of illustrations and design of accompanying Website for the Building Up Dads programme.

Building Up Dads provides a foundation for fatherhood, through an educational and fun programme of activities that promote and support fathering skills to young fathers.

More information as and when this project develops.

Rushton Architecture & Design

creation of a portfolio Website, in flash, for a business specializing in high quality architectural services. They focus on strong design, buildability, cost awareness and a proactive approach to all design stages from inception to completion. Website no longer live.

Site Update

welcome to the latest update and re-design of the website. There are some new images in the gallery including some new acrylic paintings. As ever e-mail or feedback is welcome with regard to the new design or anything else.

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