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Supersonic Festival 2008

I‘m very much looking forward to the fast approaching Supersonic Festival in Birmingham.
Last years event really was fantastic. Dates are 11th-13th July 2008 and if I list them here, it’ll save me looking them up later.

Supersonic Festival Poster

Foot tappin’ & Dance at the screamin’ festival…

i‘ve just read of a cheaply priced [what they used to call ‘mid-price’] compilation from one of the DJ’s of the Screamin’ festival, DJ AT[?], its called Foot tappin’ & Dance at the screamin’ festival. The festival itself is celebrating its tenth year, not sure if I’ll be making it this year though, disappointingly.

I noticed it at HMV here in the UK for £5.99 or if you’re located elsewhere, you can buy it direct from El Toro for €10.

No sign of the promised Caroline Casey album as yet though…

Supersonic, Screamin’ and more…

Leaving New York city
seems I’ve left it too long between updates, I’ve just uploaded a bunch of photos from the last couple of months, Photos from the 2007 Screamin’ Festival in Calella, a few of holiday pics from New York City in June and most recently some pictures from the 2007 Supersonic Festival here in Birmingham.

I must put in a mention of the Ray Collins’ Hot-Club who were definitely a highlight at this years Screamin Festival, I never thought a Swing band could be so much fun. Caroline Casey was great too, with a funny line in on stage banter and some great songs to back it up, I believe she was recording her first solo record while she was performing at the festival for El Toro Records which I’ll be looking out for.

Last weekend was the Supersonic Festival, All I can say is that I’m sorry that other events and conflicts have kept me from making the first four. A fantastic weekend of music and performance. Highlights for me was the, clears throat, ‘METAL – A symposium to celebrate and explore the West Midlands musical heritage‘ which kicked the whole thing off, four genuinely interesting talks from people all very passionate about music, I felt it did struggle to pull everything back to the midlands at some points but it was really entertaining and informative, and I’m not just saying that because of the free wine and nibbles. Friday night at the Custard factory was kind of busy, I guess because of the weather as much as anything, but the space at The kitchen was just too small for all the people so I can’t say I really saw enough of anyones set in there. The number did thin toward then end so I did get to see Otto Von Schirach in the Medicine bar which I’d certainly class as interesting, and, it was kind of fun too.

Saturday opened with a bit of sunshine and a band called Shit & Shine, well, if you can call six drummers and a couple of guitarists a band. Have to say though it was a bloody fantastic noise they made, hard to describe so I’m glad I was there to see it. As this is turning into an essay let me quickly list Pharaoh Overlord and Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses as my other highlights. All in all a fantastic couple of days entertainment and only just up the road as well. Next year I think I’ll be organising things around the festival rather than the other way around.

Supersonic Festival

looking forward to making my very first Supersonic Festival this year.

Supersonic Festival Flyer


My Nightmare Before Christmas

Minehead Beach
Just back from my second ATP festival of the year, at the new Butlins Minehead site. Nearly turned into my own personal nightmare after one of the wheels on my car decided it had its own agenda and wanted to go separate ways with me and the other three wheels.

A big thank you and recommendation to Longstones Garage, Cannington nr Bridgwater and the ever so helpful Michael, who not only got everything back together in time for my journey home on Monday but also drove me the rest of the way to the festival on Friday.

The festival itself was an interesting affair, new venue [Butlins Minehead – Think a giant motorway services, only with alcohol sold everywhere] and a few teething problems regards the stages and their capacity’s and their wish to create queues everywhere. The largest problem for me was the stages and the fact that they were spread out and the usual ‘pick and mix’ style of viewing a bit of everyone’s set wasn’t really possible. So didn’t see as many bands as usual but the set for the Gang Of Four was really enjoyable, as were The Stooges, shame Mike Watt didn’t get to do a solo set mind, and the MC5/DKT finale was a fine way to end things. Theres some pictures of the Saturday afternoon stroll to find a pub we took, that turned into a 10 mile round trip (You see a sign for ‘The Blue Anchor‘ and you figure its a pub along the coast a little – You’re so wrong) Here.

E-mail problems/fasterthansound

Fasterthansound - Bentwaters Airbase
had a really interesting evening at Fasterthansound, which formed a part of the Aldeburgh Festival. Was a fantastic locale, Bentwaters Airbase – also the setting for the supposed Russian segments of the channel four reality flop, Space Cadets. It must be said as the sun was setting behind the tall trees, not sure what they’re called, if you can identify them from the photos by all means do email me, it did seem you were far from the UK.

Anyway the line up was great, enjoyed the finale of Mr. Hopkinson’s Computer allot, maybe cause it was the only time there was an audience of any size. In fact the day was only let down slightly by the low attendance, disastrous organisation of the coach from London [‘Catch the Coach at Victoria Coach Station…er, well, actually its in front of a hotel about a half miles away, not sure where it is though. Good luck.’] It could have been a longer evening, or weekend too. Hopefully they’ll have ironed these minor problems out for next years event.

Speaking of problems, its seems I’ve been loosing emails sent via the site or to my post@ address for the last two or three weeks. So if you emailed me during this time, apologies though the technical problems were else where. I’ve redirected the mail for now so please, drop me a line.

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