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Kinky Friedman

i‘ve seen Kinky Friedman play far more times than likely, it seems, more often by luck than by planning. Its a pity hes not toured over this way for the last few years and I have no idea how likely his campaign for election as governor of Texas is of success. I guess the obvious answer is the campaign slogan of ‘why the hell not.’ But should it fail, I guess at least we might see a tour once again.

Anyway, all his early albums are really, really great and the first six or seven of his detective novels are equally so [though I did begin to get a little tired of many of the same jokes come the later ones.] Anyway, by all means visit his current ‘electoral’ site here.

Janette Louden

creation of a website featuring the artwork and illustration of childrens illustrator Janette Louden in a nineteen fifties style.

Now all finished, online and ready for you to take a look*.

*This site has since been updated and is no longer using the design I created but the artwork there is still super amazing so you should surely still check it out.

New Project – The Red Knob

the-red-knob-logoa new project now added to the ‘projects’ area.

The Red Knob is a concept that aims to provide health information, particularly to young men, in an innovative and accessible way.

Read a little more about the project here.


creation of a website featuring the artwork and illustration of childrens illustrator Janette Louden – janettelouden.com

Under construction at the minute but by all means click here to visit.


creation and launch of a new website.

Stan Matthews Design is an independent quality manufacturer of made-to-measure fitted furniture, designed specifically to individual customer requirements. With strong focus on design, craftsmanship, service and value they offer the design solution that can bring a unique style to your home.

stanmatthewsdesign.com Website no longer live.

T-shirts to save your soul…

creation of a full on, singing and dancing, online T-shirt store. In the epic struggle between good and evil there can only be one winner – so don’t be a fashion victim – be harder than satan…

Website no longer live.

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