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Roadside 16-8-11

number 16 in the ongoing series of roadside photos which serve little discernible point or purpose.

Roadside 16-8-11 - The M42 from Hopwood Services

The M42 as viewed from the rather badly planned out car park at Hopwood Park Services.

Roadside 17-12-10

number 15 in the series of increasingly occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 17-12-10 - Lost somewhere in the Malvern Hills.

After a nightmare of a time negotiating the ‘a week before Christmas’ traffic I made it out of Malvern town and had a nice drive though some snowy winter hills.

Roadside 10-07-10

number 14 in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 10-07-10 @ The Dog in the Lane, Shropshire

Fields opposite the humourosly titled ‘Dog in the Lane’ in Astley, Shropshire.

Roadside 14-03-10

number twelve in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 14-03-10 (taken by my friend John)

Roadside 02-03-10

number eleven in the series of occasional roadside photos.

Roadside 02-03-10

A night taxi driving.

Roadside 20-12-09

number ten in the series of near regular roadside photos.

Roadside 20-12-09 TTV Image

This was taken with a TTV contraption, inspired to have a go by Pete Ashton’s pictures, and taken on a snowy winters morn outside the Bear’s Head in Brereton, Sandbach. I was checking the pubs name online, and it seems a lot of the pubs in the area are named after parts of a bears anatomy, The Bear’s Paw, The Black Bear Inn, The Beartown Tap, wonder why?

More updates soon. I’m just finishing off my second flu bug of the winter and I think two is quite enough for this year.

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