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New artwork soon…

Suicide Hill, 10x7 ink and gouache, 1999.


Pets Bazzaar

Breck Road, Liverpool.

I wonder if its still there…

Based on a drawing from a photo I took and then lost. I never went inside of ‘Pets Bazzaar’…

Pets Bazzaare, Breck Road, Liverpool 5 Ink & Watercolour

I’m not completely happy with either the colouring on this or the photo of it. I either need to invest in a A3 size scanner, or start working smaller.


3.27 a.m.

last nights wind and rain woke me up, which at least gave me the title for this. Now added to the artwork portfolio…

3.27 a.m. Ink & digital colour illustration

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas - Christmas Card Illustration, 2007

New artwork

Extra Width

I’ve just added three more new images to the gallery pages, rotating some older images off the site.

I’m also going to be adding general links of interest, of interest to me anyway, to this page as time goes on. I did debate adding a links page to the site, but I don’t want to send the few visitors I do get shooting off elsewhere as soon as they arrive.

Site update

finally shelled out for some ‘proper’ hosting space for this site, something I’ve been meaning to do for the last four or five years. Oh well, got there in the end. Bye bye freeserve, thanks for all the page views.

I chose names.co.uk* as I’ve used them on and off for various clients and found them to be reliable, helpful and competent – they really do what they say they will, in fact the largest problem I had was getting them on the phone to give them my money. Lets hope now I’ve written this it doesn’t all go wrong…

*Update: I stayed with Namesco for about another six years, unfortunately as the business grew the customer service and reliability fell away and the cost continued to rise far above average. I don’t mind paying over the odds for a better service, but not for a worse one, hosting moved again in 2014.

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