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Stalking Alan Caddick?

this sight did cheer me up on the way to hospital visiting tonight.

Last Chance…

it looks to be the last chance to download any of the recent Tommy Boyd ‘Talk Radio’ shows that are broadcast weekly on BBC Southern Counties as the guy archiving them has been sent a cease and deist letter. I’ve been a big fan of the slightly ‘off the wall’ topics Tommy used to broadcast on Talk Radio about fifteen years ago (before it became Talk Sport and was good.)

While I realise these shows are indeed copyright material its a shame that the BBC aren’t producing this kind of online archive themselves, all they seem to be able to supply is an iffy online stream broadcast, which never seems to work that well and is dead inside a week. What with both this archive and the hundreds of old john Peel shows floating around on the internet there is clearly a market for this and it seems a shame these shows are broadcast once and then gone.

Anyway, Tommy Boyd Radio Shows here until next week. Seems someones been uploading the latest show to a file host service on the internet, links are here.

All links now dead. Sad times.

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